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Vikman´s Wood

Vikmans Wood is situated at the artic circle in the village Ängesån in Överkalix commune. The beautiful river Ängesån flows through the village which also has given the village its name. Ängesån is situated 50 km north of Överkalix and 90 km south of Gällivare.

Here are the winters long and cold but still beautiful, snowy and nice. The summers are warm, short, intensive with midnight sun shining the whole time. The trees grow slow. It gives a wood that becomes hard, stabile and strong with dense yearrings and strong fibers.


Small technology sawmill

SågverkWe have at our disposal a small but modern sawmill with a modern plane. The small technology make us able to have focus on the best you want. We can offer you sawed and planed wood of best quality.

If you're planning to build or rebuild, we recommend you to build from wood, the natures own building block. Wood is nice, warm and beautiful. We've got bolt wood, panels outer as well as inner and borders for all your needs. Always at a fair price.


Special wood

SpecialsortimentWe undertake us to saw or plane special wood in accordance with your wishes. One of our special wood is Wilderness panel. It's a enchanted wood which we plane and you can seal or treat it as you want. The endresult becomes a very beautiful and decorative ceiling or wall.

If you need assistance with the transport we can help you with that.





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